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Creating Custom Logo Designs: How Outsourcing Custom Logo Designs Improves your Online Profit

Why does a business need a logo? The answer is very simple. Branding. Every business must have its own identity. Every company’s ticket to huge profit and success is their capability of letting people remember them for a long time. A logo is only a small representation of the business however that one simple design gives the strongest impression.

Think of your business logo as a nametag. This nametag will help you introduce yourself easier in a sea of strangers. The more unique and interesting your nametag is, the more people will remember you easily. When creating a logo for your site, it would be best to hire a professional that ensures skills and knowledge. An example of getting a logo quickly yet at its best quality is by outsourcing it to the Philippines.

Outsourcing companies in the Philippines specialise on services that involve information technology. Since creating a logo involves digital media and specific computer software, outsourcing provides a cheaper and more accessible way to have your own logo design.

By outsourcing your logo design to the Philippines, it’s not all about the distinctively lesser expenses. Most of us are aware that if we want an assurance on high quality, we need to pay the price. Though this is true, outsourcing to the Philippines begs to differ.

Technically, clients who outsource to the Philippines do not avail cheap labour. Because of the country’s relatively low cost of living, the price of labour is just right to compensate their own lifestyle. This means that you’re paying a professional the right amount of price that could give you high quality services.

The beauty of having a logo is that you can basically use it everywhere that can be related to your business. Logos can be placed on website headers, website tab icons or other website features so as to promote your brand. It would also be a great idea to place it on promotional campaigns, tarpaulins and other freebies that you can give out to random people. This way, you’re promoting your business effectively and again, you’re not paying the high costs of hiring an ad agency.

All in all, outsourcing logo designs to the Philippines gives every client the opportunity to have their own branding design with lower costs and better efficiency. It saves time, it saves money yet it increases sales
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The Real Condition of Outsourcing in the Philippines

(In response to Obama’s 2012 State of the Nation Address)

Last January 24, 2012, US President Obama delivered his State of the Nation Address from 9PM-10:17 PM (EST), in the chamber of the United States House of Representatives. The US president's State of the Nation Address was not supposed to be a concern of any Filipino citizen, especially those that have lived their whole lives in the Philippines and do not have any plans of stepping into the "land of the brave", except when it talked about inhibiting the outsourcing capacities of multinational US companies--which has become pretty much the bread and butter of the Philippine Economy. Without really getting into the truth of the matter, more than a million of Filipinos were scared of losing their jobs; a lot of breadwinners were worried of what's going to happen to their families if they lost their jobs; and many people were anxious of the immediate and adverse effects this State of the Nation Address has on their lives, specifically on the financial aspect. Are their fears justified or there’s really no ground for it?

No one can blame them if they reacted that way; after all, the media reported it as if changes would take effect the next day. Right after they heard the news, majority of the people felt that the booming industry of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) which has provided thousands, even millions of jobs in the Philippines is now coming to an end. It's not unknown to anyone in the Philippines that the biggest chunk of recruitment, hiring, and employment in the country comes from the BPO sector; and just thinking that it would be stopped, the Filipino people can more or less already get a picture of how the economy would fair given the sudden increase of the unemployment rate.

However, scrutinizing the facts and proofs about the issue, many experts think and have agreed that the news is a bit exaggerated. Even though, the public’s concern was not unfounded, but admittedly it was unnecessary—at least at this point.

Strictly speaking, the US President did not mention the word "ban" in his speech, nor did he mention the complete "stop" of offshore outsourcing among the multinational US companies. In his State of the Nation Address, he pushed for a bill that can reform their tax codes. This is because he has realized that most companies who have outsourced offshore, actually gets a lesser or no tax deductions by doing so; and thus, to discourage them from continuing to outsource and contributing to the increasing US unemployment rate, President Obama wanted a reform on their tax regulations which would then allow these companies to have a big tax deductions and made them pay a "basic minimum tax" fee for outsourcing offshore.

Upon evaluating the president's speech further, the abolishment of outsourcing in the country is still fully dependent on the tax laws which still have to be created by the law-making body of the state. Although he has assured the congress that the moment the bill will be submitted, he will sign it right away so that it can be applied immediately. However, everybody knows that passing a bill and turning it into a law is still quite a long process to take. Thus, if indeed things would go according to the president's speech, it will buy us, at the least, 3 years to exhaust all we can in the BPO industry and for our government to create contingency plans to save our economy as well as our fellow Filipino men from the impending crisis brought by the dissolution of offshore outsourcing from the US.
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Philippines BPO Services: Outsourcing and Offshoring

Business process outsourcing is one of the most in demand internet marketing strategies nowadays. The main reason why it’s become so popular is because of outsourcing’s ability to maximise productivity without placing a lot on its monetary and labour input. Outsourcing’s number one characteristic is that an external company provides the services. This way, it helps any business to save expenses on in-house setup needs such as equipment, location, wages, miscellaneous and so on. Aside from cutting the budget, outsourcing also helps a business owner to be more time-efficient and focus more on the business’ important aspects rather than the daily tasks. And to really save money, most companies hire their outsourcing partners offshore.

For first-timers, the idea of entrusting your company to a service provider in an unfamiliar country might make you hesitant. But with the way it is today, this is the most efficient and money-saving business move. All you have to do is to find the right offshore outsourcing company for your business. One of the most reputable countries in the field of offshore outsourcing is the Philippines.

Business process outsourcing began in the Philippines back in the late 90s going to the early 21st century. It wasn’t until 2006 that the country became one of the top five outsourcing service providers in the world. Today, the Philippines ranked as the second largest and best business processing outsourcing industry. This is because of the call centre industry’s instant boom and the number of companies hiring the Philippines’ services every year.

There are a lot of advantages on outsourcing in the Philippines other than decreasing the expenses. Filipino employees are prided on their quality of work and ability to get along well with their business partners and clients. The country’s high proficiency in English has also helped it earned massive number of companies from western countries. Filipinos working in the business processing operations industry are well-known for their productivity, good manners and light heartedness. As country known for its tremendous hospitality, the BPO industry reflects the Filipino culture that is loved.

On the other hand, the level of skills and knowledge is also prioritised. Most BPO companies require at least two year in college when hiring for customer sales representatives. For jobs that involve higher, more professional skills, people with degrees related to information technology is required. All in all, the Philippines unique ability is that they provide the best quality they can and still stay happy, composed and professional at their job at the same time. This way, it’s more fun to outsource in the Philippines.
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Sustained Growth of Philippine Outsourcing and Offshoring Sector

The Philippines is making quite a good reputation when it comes to Business Process Outsourcing. With the high number of small businesses and huge corporations abroad who are searching for offshore services, the Philippines has been able to deliver very well. Providing the right services with high knowledge and excellent quality of service, more and more businesses hire the country giving it a sustained growth in the outsourcing and offshoring sector.

The business process outsourcing industry in the Philippines has grown 46% annually since 2006. This boom is led by demand for offshore call centres. This massive increase has a lot to do by how the Filipino work ethics is. Among all the services offered by outsourcing and offshoring sectors, call centres are the most in demand for. Most Western countries pride the Philippines’ attitude and skills in providing services.

Call centres began in the Philippines as plain providers of email response and managing services. These have industrial capabilities for almost all types of customer relations, ranging from travel services, technical support, education, customer care, financial services, and online business to customer support, online business to business support.

One of  the most common reasons why the Philippines is the top choice for offshore outsourcing is because of the country’s low cost of living. In order for companies abroad to maximise productivity with a lesser monetary input, they outsource. Aside from this, the demands in working in a call centre industry are difficult and challenging. Since call centre industries must depend on their clients' timeframe, work schedules usually vary and are placed in evening shift. Fortunately, Filipinos adapt easily to this kind of work habit that they are still able to provide quality to their clients’ customers. Aside from these, the Philippines has a high literacy rate and are very proficient in English making it easier for global companies and customers to communicate with them.

Up to this day, the Philippines has over 800 call centres nationwide and is one of the largest money-remitting companies in the country’s economy. It has helped ease the employment crisis by being more specific on skills and work ethics than educational attainments. Although call centre industries require managers and supervisors to have a degree and is fluent in English at the same time knowledgeable in information technology, anyone can apply for customer service representatives.

Other technical jobs that companies outsource offshore are internet marketing strategies that involve web development and graphic designing, virtual assistance, search engine optimisation and a whole lot more. With the country’s sustained growth, there is no reason for the Philippines to reduce its position in the past decade.
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US House Bill 3596 and its Effect to the Philippine BPO

The recent state of the global economy is shaky and unstable and first world countries such as the United States of America are one of the most affected. Due to the recession, debts continue to rise and left thousands of US citizens jobless for the past several months. This phenomenon is has been on-going for several years now and the US government is constantly finding ways on how to sustain their citizens amidst the country’s financial problem.

Recently, there is a pending bill in the US congress called H.R. 3596 or The United States Call Centre Worker and Consumer Protection Act. This bill aims to discourage US companies to outsource their operations and will penalise those who will be giving jobs overseas. The US is one of the Philippines’ clients however according to business analysts; this will not affect the Philippines’ economy and employment rate greatly once this bill will be passed. In fact, some even say that this would be more disadvantageous for the US.

Philippine offshore outsourcing is considered the second best in the world next to India. The primary reason why the country became so popular in the field of offshore outsourcing is because of its low costs on high quality services. Aside from this, most foreigners pride the country’s work ethics. It is said that Filipinos are very easy to work with. Aside from their globally competitive skills and knowledge, they are easy to communicate with as they are fluent in speaking and writing in English. Aside from this, Filipinos are known to be hard working and enthusiastic at the same time. They are respectful and are not argumentative. Most of all, they value the needs of their customers and are sincere on providing the best quality of services.

The Filipino traits are one of the solid reasons why analysts say that the Philippines wouldn’t be that affected if ever House Bill 3596 is passed. The US isn’t the only major client the country has and it is false that outsourcing offshore is killing the States’ economy.

Economists and business analyst this US congress move to be a little unclear when it comes to providing a better employment rate for the country. With USA’s cost of living, it would still be far more expensive than offshoring it to the Philippines. Thus, companies would suffer from greater expense damages for productivity. Looking at it this way, progress would become a little slower when insourcing. As for the Philippines, BPO companies are eyeing for 16-20% growth this coming 2012 and more job opportunities keep on arriving
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Lowering Law Firm Operating Expenses by Outsourcing to the Philippines

Legal outsourcing is the practice where a law firm or a corporation hires or acquires legal support services from an outside law firm or legal services company. Just like the standard definition and purpose of outsourcing, law firms outsource their legal tasks in order to maximize productivity and profit without putting too much financial and work input. A lot of law firms all over the world are outsourcing their tasks and one of the most popular countries to outsource to is the Philippines.

Legal process outsourcing is continuously gaining its popularity because of the larger number of organizations realizing its many advantages. The plus side of outsourcing it to the Philippines is that the country’s services providers understand that every office is different and every office may have a unique challenge. The country’s outsourcing companies’ standard goal is to work with their clients and find solutions that address their legal outsourcing needs. Plus, it is guaranteed that the legal staff of every company should have an in-depth knowledge and wide-ranging expertise to ensure outstanding legal process outsourcing services for the legal community.

Though the Philippines’ business process outsourcing industry mainly focuses on its call centre industry, there are a large number of legal outsourcing companies that offer quality services for firms and corporations in need of law related assistance.One of the most common outsourced legal job is Legal Transcription Outsourcing.

Legal transcriptions involve court proceedings transcription or general correspondence transcription.Philippine legal outsourcing companies can provide professional transcription solutions. They house legal transcription units thatare experts in legal areas, including court proceeding transcription, wiretap transcription, legal letter transcription, law office recordings, regular recordings, trial transcription, verbatim transcription, general correspondence transcription, legal pleadings letters and so on.

Other tasks include legal website design, document conversion, outsourced legal position staffing, legal data entry outsourcing, legal research outsourcing, litigation support outsourcing and legal coding.

Choosing the Philippines as the outsourcing legal services destination would guarantee excellent delivery of outputs. It’s not just about the lower cost on expenses as outsourcing companies embody empathy, honesty and integrity. Plus, a client will not regret hiring a company that has impressive expertise, diverse knowledge and skills with fast turnarounds and availability all the same time